7 February 2013

TypeFrench.org is now available to you online, powered by EasyType French Accents, and it's free!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our website TypeFrench.org. This site features a free online French keyboard powered by our landmark software EasyType French Accents. TypeFrench.org is a result of a lot of work done by Accent Grave Innovations team over the past several months.

The response to EasyType French Accents has been tremendous. Developing a unique software tool that lets you type in French so easily has been the key to our success. Our goal with TypeFrench.org is to share our success with you and provide you now with the opportunity to type in French online hassle-free and for free, using the features and benefits of the software EasyType French Accents. Just press the same key twice or more to get the French accent you want. It's that simple. TypeFrench.org is available to you online from any computer connected to the Internet and in any browser.

Initially we developed EasyType French Accents because we noticed that users in Canada were annoyed and frustrated with the cumbersome international settings and Alt codes. Canada is a bilingual country and many Canadians are bilingual and type regularly in French and English. We created a brand new solution for them to type in French easily and we met their needs. Then users from around the world came on board and were also interested in our software, and we were delighted to see them benefit from this tool as well. The Facebook page of EasyType French Accents shows the positive comments posted by our customers around the world. We thank our faithful customers who believed in our product and continue to type in French hassle-free thanks to EasyType French Accents. If you would like to provide a testimonial, please send it to us and we will be glad to publish it in our website.

Today we went even further in our quest to meet the expectations of users of the French language. For those who type in French on a public computer anywhere in the world, we launched TypeFrench.org and made it available to you online for free. Try it! You press the same key twice or more to get the French accent you want. Simple and easy, and it is powered by EasyType French Accents. TypeFrench.org is an online French keyboard that would be useful when you type in French using a public computer in a library, café, school, university, hotel… or simply when you are travelling.

Of course, you can also install EasyType French Accents in your own laptop or desktop by purchasing the product, thus giving yourself the flexibility you need whenever and wherever you type in French. You install EasyType French Accents in your computer, and when you want to type in French, just turn it ON, when you want to switch back to English, turn it OFF. This is the flexibility you want and expect from us. And as always, just press the same key twice or more to obtain the French accent you want. Visit our Purchase Page to buy the software or our website http:/www.easytypefrenchaccents.com for more information.

Moreover, you can always try EasyType French Accents for free. The trial version is a fully-functional version of EasyType French Accents aiming to provide an opportunity to assess its full range of features and benefits hands on. The only limitation on the free trial version is the 7-day trial period. Try it: http://www.easytypefrenchaccents.com/trial

EasyType French Accents is absolutely the simplest and easiest way in the market today to type in French. We believe that pressing the same key twice or more to produce the accent is the simplest solution for users of the French language around the globe. It is helpful for anyone who types in French, especially in schools, institutions of higher education and businesses. We, at Accent Grave Innovations, feel honored that you have chosen our software to type in French hassle-free. Indeed, your enthusiasm and interest for the French language and culture are a big part of our success. And for that, we are most grateful.

Wherever you are, happy typing en français!

Accent Grave Innovations

1 November 2011 Version 1.1.0 released
5 October 2011 Accent Grave Innovations is now verified as a software publisher by Comodo.
The EasyType French Accents installer is now signed for your security using Microsoft Authenticode® technology.
19 August 2011 Version 1.0.2 released
14 June 2011 Version 1.0.1 released
9 June 2011 Press Release: EasyType French Accents has been released
6 June 2011 Version 1.0.0 released